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Market Assessments


Label as Driver


Product Life Plans


Scientific Expert Committees


Strategic Business Plans

PDA specializes in the preparation of detailed, comprehensive, strategic business plans for small, start-up, pre-revenue companies that are interested in establishing themselves as a major player in the veterinary health or human health space, as well as for established companies that are interested in developing a product/ product line that is outside of their core area of expertise. Our business plans help to: 


  • Focus companies on their immediate and long-term goals
  • Highlight the company’s unique strengths and value proposition
  • Provide a strategic plan for the company
  • Offer specific recommendations and next steps to achieve commercial success and maximize revenue generation.

A business plan is essential to obtaining a corporate partner, investor dollars, financial grants and loans. Our team has a wealth of experience in creating unique business plans tailored to a company’s specific needs and goals.


Market Assessments

One of the first steps in the successful commercialization of a human or animal health product is to ensure that there is a well-defined market for the product, the size of the market is significant, and that there is the real potential for significant revenue generation. A PDA market assessment includes the following components:

  • Identification of target market
  • Estimated market size and projected market share
  • Competitive analysis
  • Development of pricing scenarios
  • Sales projections

PDA specializes in the creation of market assessments for a wide variety of products in the human and animal health space. 


Label as Driver

Before product development begins, it is essential to create a Label as Driver document, which will focus and drive all aspects of product development from proof of concept, to regulatory approval, to commercialization and sales generation. PDA has prepared numerous Label as Driver documents which have proven to be invaluable to companies by enhancing efficiency, shortening the development pathway, and ultimately reducing development costs. 


Product Life Plans

The Product Life Plan is an extension of the Label as Driver document, providing additional supporting detail/ information for the full life plan of the product. Included in the Product Life Plan is:

  • A comprehensive development plan which will satisfy regulatory requirements in each of the target regulatory jurisdictions
  • A draft product label
  • Recommendations for product formulation and dosage form
  • Target species (animal health products)
  • An assessment of the Cost of Goods
  • A detailed Gantt chart from project initiation to project completion

PDA has a wealth of experience and expertise in the creation of product life plans for both human and animal health products. 


Scientific Expert Committees

Creation and Management of Advisory Committees and Scientific Expert Committees

Enhancing relationships with key opinion leaders and other industry leaders will contribute in many ways to the success of a technology. Advisory Committees provide companies with valuable perspectives on new or developing programs, strategies and tactics. When executed successfully, the Advisory Committee has sustained benefits including: 

  • Providing valuable advice to optimize technology development
  • Becoming advocates that will assist in the promotion of the technology, both through in person meetings and third party expert written communications
  • Authoring scientific reports, peer reviewed publications and publications in consumer-focused media
  • Acting as spokespersons during commercial launch and in various other activities

PDA is well connected in the human and animal health industries and has assisted with setting up a number of highly effective advisory committees.